Every year, over 2,000 children come to attention of Nashville’s courts. Through no fault of their own, their lives are at a crucial turning point. Yet, the children face this moment without a voice.

That’s where CASA steps in. CASA volunteers give these children a voice.

Since 1984, the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program has served Nashville by helping abused and neglected children find safe and permanent homes. When a child enters the court system as a result of abuse or neglect, a judge must determine where they should go. Should they remain in foster care? Be reunited with parents? Or be adopted? The caseload is overwhelming for the courts and our social services agencies.

CASA steps in and provides an important resource of trained volunteer advocates who speak exclusively for these children. It is the CASA volunteer’s duty to build an in-depth knowledge of each assigned case, focus on the child’s best interests, and express those needs and point of view within the court. Advocates’ recommendations help judges make more informed decisions and give children a voice during an uncertain and often frightening time.

When a CASA volunteer is involved in a case, children are:

  • more likely to stay out of the child welfare system
  • more likely to stop continually moving from foster home to foster home
  • more likely to be adopted
  • more likely to be successful in school
  • more like to remain in a stable, caring home

For over 30 years, CASA Nashville has worked to improve the lives of children. The impact of its work is nothing short of remarkable for the children they serve, but sadly, the organization can currently only serve about 60% of the children in need. With over 800 child victims of abuse and neglect coming to the courts’ attention each year, CASA simply does not have the resources to provide an advocate for every child…yet…. Your support brings CASA closer to their mission and vision of giving every child a voice.

Every child deserves a chance. Every child deserves a safe home. CASA works tirelessly to make this a reality.

Please visit CASA’s Website and see how you can make a difference for the children of Nashville.